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Today is the age of high tech technology. IT has revolutionised every area. Technology has brought the continents very close and the world is emerging as one big community. Easy availability of finances, access to internet, increased foreign travel and heightened global awareness have opened up huge opportunities for Indian students. Global boundaries are disappearing rapidly.

Though most of the information is now a days readily available on the internet and the websites of various universities and colleges but very often students and parents develop preconceived notions about 'popular' courses, 'rated' institutions and 'conventional' subjects of study, without a thought to their potential, profile, financial implications, knowledge base, basic skill-sets and career prospects. Consequently, it spells doom for them when they find themselves in countries, institutions or courses that do not deliver what they wanted. Studying abroad is not merely about filling in application forms and sending them to universities one has heard of. It is a complex process involving an array of questions, issues and formalities that need to be looked into, completed and followed through.


Kazambe process applications for admission for most of the universities abroad !!!

Kazambe take care of all your admissions and post admission procedure worries of your head.

Kazambe pays special attention to your application for a well presented, error free application. They assist with References and all the important statement of purpose. We assess your English and wherever appropriate, recommend waivers of IELTS/TOFEL. The universities consider this recommendation. " Kazambe " has a dedicated team who follow up with chosen universities and ensure positive and quick response.


Visa is a complex issue that is nightmare in the minds of the most students and parents.

What is the point of gaining admission if your visa applications going to be rejected?

There are many factors for which visas are rejected. Many times it is because the application was not well prepared or presented or key facts were not included. Interviewer was not convinced that the applicant was a genuine candidate. Major reason for the visa rejection is that 3C’s are not being taken care of. In most of the visa refusals it has been observed that the visa officer is not convinced that the course the student intends to study in the country of choice is relevant to his/her previous qualification. Often even students from very well to do families are rejected due to any number of variables. Kazambe take all the worries relating to visa applications off students heads. We guide on all aspects of the visa applications and formalities including applications, financial statement, interviews & everything else!


Travel is an important component once the student has got the Visa. Students are concerned with issue of travel and pre-departure briefings. We at Kazambe negotiate excellent fares and travel packages with the leading travel agents as an added service to students. Though we are not a travel agency but we only do this as an added service to our students so that they will have no trouble or hassles with travel arrangements.


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The key questions are :

Will the course you choose or have choosen, actually deliver and fulfill...!!

Are the present quidance and inputs available to you regarding your course and career planning enough to achieve absolute clarity ?

All these questions are life-impacting...


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