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Passion and hardwork may not lead you anywhere unless one has a guide to show the path. I understood this when I was struggling to find out the best suitable path for my carrier but couldn’t find anything.

Kazambe Consultancy was advised to me by my friend at that time when my study visa was refused by Chandigarh Embassy in January and I was thinking my chances of getting Student Visa is very less now. Then I came to Mr.Avinash Kaul (CEO) of Kazambe Consultancy and have discussed regarding my refusal. I was very hopefull after meeting him because the way he understand what mistakes I did previously and how we will avoid all mistakes.

He gave me a ray of hope that I can apply again for my student visa. He and his staff did lots of efforts to get admission in better University then finally I got admission in one of the best University in, CANADA for Post Graduation Program. After all hardwork and efforts of Mr.Avinash Kaul and his offise team I have applied for my student Visa again in Chandigarh Embassy and within 10 days my student Visa was in my hand and after got my visa I was very very happy and really thankful to Mr.Avinash Kaul who have helped me to achive my dream.

In the last I would givce heartiest thanks to Mr.Avinash Kaul and his team and would suggest to all who are planing to study in abroad please come to Kazambe Consultancy, SCO-33, Level-2,Sector-31D, Chandigarh once and meet Mr. Avinash Kaul for Best Advise.



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The key questions are :

Will the course you choose or have choosen, actually deliver and fulfill...!!

Are the present quidance and inputs available to you regarding your course and career planning enough to achieve absolute clarity ?

All these questions are life-impacting...


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